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I help moms become confident and build strong connections with their kids.


Is This You? 

  • Your kids don’t listen to you until you start to yell but even that is not really getting you the result you want. You feel terrible because you see their eyes fill with pain or fear.

  • You try to be calm and patient during misbehavior until you finally lose it because it isn’t “working” only to feel guilty about it afterwards.

  • Your child reacts over the smallest thing and you don’t know what to do other than send them to their room or lose your cool because you are triggered.

  • You’re afraid to take your kids anywhere because you’re afraid of the way they will act in public.

  • Your kids fight constantly and you don’t know how to help them get along.

  • You have tried everything from being stern and serious to being permissive and laid back and nothing has helped.

What if you could feel confident and secure about the way you parent?


Hey Mama,

There is HOPE !

I help moms who are pulling their hair out trying to raise decent humans become confident with who they are as a parent and proud of the way they are raising their kids. 

Parenting has a way of exposing your insecurities, anger and need for control. It has for me, that’s for sure! We parent out of what we have been handed down by the way we were parented. There are gaps between the kind of parent we want to be and the kind of parent we had- that is normal, and that is where I come in.

If you are ready to break the cycle and become the mom you want to be then let's talk.


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I enjoy teaching and speaking about our Father's Love and about Parenting with His wisdom, love and connection. 

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I'm Jeanine Harris

 I am a wife and a mom of 3 girls. I was trying to be the perfect mom that I had always dreamed of being but when our first daughter was about 2 years old and started telling me “NO!” and having big emotions and a strong will I had no idea what to do! My dreams of motherhood smacked right into my feelings of inadequacy.

I started reading books, blogs and listening to podcasts. I received helpful tips but nothing really helped bring the transformation I needed until I began to change my heart by understanding the 4 messages that every child needs. The Connected Families framework changed me and the dynamic of our family. I finally had a plan and it all made sense! I can't wait to show you and help you create the family of your dreams!

One thing you can do today is Download this free e-book about the 4 messages of the Discipline That Connects with Your Child’s Heart framework. Read a little bit at a time and just start with one message. I promise you, if you can incorporate these messages into your parenting things will begin to change.



Jeanine was incredible with walking us through examples of how we can implement this approach in our daily interactions and was so patient with us as a busy family and feeling quite overwhelmed. She is incredibly personable and it really feels like you’re the only person in the room and took extra time to answer our questions about any materials in the workbook. It felt amazing to know I had a safe place to share our parenting experiences and someone in our corner praying and helping us along the journey. This is something I recommend to ANY parent..

Lecreatia B.

This coaching has given me confidence in parenting. I feel less unsure of myself. Every session left us strongly considering new ways to allow God to lead us as we parent. I grew a lot as a person, not just as a parent.